Bathrooms & Best-Fit Blinds

Picking blinds to suit your whole home can be difficult. Where do you start? The interior, exterior? The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room… the attic?? Are you looking for privacy, light control, air flow regulation, style, longevity, affordability, convenience, safety???

Finding a single blind solution for your whole home may leave you with more questions than answers, though if you have a general idea on what you after (or have no clue at all) we can help you out with expert advice on picking blinds and shutters suited to your home. So where do we start?

Bathrooms & Best-Fit Blinds

When choosing blinds for your bathroom there are a couple distinctive factors that you many need to consider:



Important? Yes, though surprisingly not as much as you may think. Most bathrooms have small, elevated or no windows, usually opting for skylights or artificial lighting. The limited view of most bathroom windows means you can probably rule out any blockout blinds or twinshade blinds, unless like me you enjoy candle-lit baths in the middle of the day. Though if you and your neighbours are lucky enough to enjoy large bathroom windows, Sunscreen Roller blinds, or Slimline Venetians could be a great option for giving you privacy with a view.


Your bathroom blinds or shutters are probably not going to experience a lot of wear and tear, though they are going to be exposed to a lot of heat and moisture. If you live in Melbourne you are well aware of having to deal with both along with everything else except snow which is why our blinds and shutters are built to last. When dealing with moisture and heat you will probably want to avoid fabrics, you may even think of avoiding wood, though at Complete Blinds we use a ‘5 Coat Paint System’ involving a timber sealer and moisture resistant top coat. So wood is good, which makes Plantation Shutters a great option for its durability and airflow control which helps remove moisture from your interior.


Bathrooms are not clean, I’m sure your bathroom is, personally I struggle with the copious amount of matted hair, dastardly dust and villainous soap scum, which makes choosing an easy to clean blind or shutter important for my bathroom’s interior. Honeycomb blinds and Plantation Shutters are great option due to their simple designs and solid surfaces making wipe off dust and hair a breeze.

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