Invest In Your Home With Plantation Shutters

When it comes to looking for the right window covering, plantation shutters offer a lifelong, stylish solution. Plantation shutters are a unique and fashionable alternative to the use of blinds. Comprised of several vertical slats of wood or composite material, plantation shutters provide enhanced control over airflow and ambient natural light, while maintaining a simple, unobtrusive design that can offer you a lifetime of satisfaction.



Our Plantation Shutters are built to last. The range is constructed using full timber, which is sourced from New Zealand and Germany. A light weight hardwood which delivers a straight and wide louver.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

To ensure quality and our marketing leading end result we employ a 5 Coat Paint System:

  • For the First Coat, we use a Timber Sealer to protect against Moisture.
  • 2 undercoats help to protect against UV rays.
  • 2 thick coats of UV and Moisture resistant top Coats, give the shutter our smooth, grainless finish.

Timber shutters can be left open without the danger of sagging or dropping over time. A streamlined design means less maintenance, greater durability, and most importantly less hassle.


Clean & Safe

An optimised design mean more space for your home and less of a home for pesky dust mites. Heavy curtains, can harbour dust mites, unwanted pests and allergens in your home. A simple yet stylish timber structure

means Plantation shutters are easier to dust and clean then bulky curtains or other interior blinds.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters


No dangling cords which could endanger babies or children under 3 years, make interior plantation shutters a fashionable, family friendly option.



Built to last, plantation shutters are a long-term investment in style. With proper (and very minimal) care, they should never need replacing. Plantation shutters add value to your home, protecting your home and your investment.



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