Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

There’s something about being able to enjoy the scenery of the outdoors from the indoors and to have a point-to-point oasis. Ziptrak blinds do that and so much more! You can find Ziptrak blinds on Melbourne properties where homeowners appreciate the outdoors. The design uses a sealed blind system that protects against the elements and is built to last.

In Australia, the rain, heat, and wind can be unbearable. Ziptrak outdoor blinds help individuals and families who love outdoor seating create a haven where they can relax. Features of the Ziptrak blinds Melbourne users enjoy include:

  • The ability to control the narrative: Year-round entertaining is possible with the Ziptrak outdoor blinds. Meals and gatherings can start and end outside without worry of being affected by whatever is going on outside.
  • Privacy: These blinds can be tinted for privacy and come in a host of colours
  • Lower energy costs: The tinted PVC allows heat to reflect off the blinds, offering lower energy costs due to the reduction of heat.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are a track guided blind system that is proudly Australian owned and invented. This original and patented system is a trusted option that allows the blind to glide smoothly and stop at any height within its tracks and locks at the bottom. They have a centre lock release for easy hand operation. The blinds lock at their lowest position providing a secure hold in high winds. When you are ready to operate again, simply lift the handle to activate release latches on both sides of the bottom bar.

Ziptrak is a trusted brand within the industry and Complete Blinds is proud to be an authorised dealer.

Being all custom made, the Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are the perfect solution for alfresco and outdoor areas. Ziptrak Blinds can create another room for your home and is suitable for all weather conditions in Melbourne. The ultimate blind for outdoor entertainment.

No Zips, Buckles, Cords, Wires or Ropes – Neat, Modern and Tidy!

There are two blind type selections available with the Ziptrak system. The first is the Café blinds, which are clear or tinted plastic and provide a barrier and safe haven against the outside elements like dirt and bugs. In contrast, the Shade blinds are mesh or canvas and have small holes throughout. This helps with airflow while blocking insects and dust. Shade blinds have been found to do a better job of preventing sunrays and glare effects as compared to PVC materials. They also provide more privacy.

Ziptrak Interior Blinds also provide a new spin on the indoor living concept and environment. These blinds run on a vertical track from both sides. When the blinds are retracted, it is hidden behind a pelmet making it undetectable. With the Ziptrak system being so flexible, customers can outfit their homes inside and outside.

Where can you use Ziptrak in the inside?

The Ziptrak is great for apartments that have floor-to-ceiling windows, providing the ability to control the amount of light and privacy that enters the room. They are also good for bedrooms, home offices, or home theatre rooms. One of the advantages of the Ziptrak system is the cordless design which helps protect children and pets. In rooms that have too much sunlight, this would be a perfect solution using the side tracks and block out material. Commercial hotels, conference spaces, and board rooms can also benefit from using the Ziptrak system to block out the outside.

Ziptrak uses pelmets, which are narrow borders of wood or cloth that hides the hardware of the curtains or blinds. They currently come in two options: streamline and traditional. They also come in different sizes to accommodate the blinds depending on the type of fabric – mesh or PVC. At Custom Blinds, we select the pelmet that will work best for your blinds during the installation process.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds can also be used at businesses that encourage outdoor seating and working among its employees. In commercial settings, Ziptrak blinds are more effective if they are motorised.

Additionally, only the SunScreen blind material can be motorised. Ziptrak blinds also come in indoor selections too.

These superior outdoor blinds are a modern and durable finish for alfresco areas. They are available in strong sunscreen mesh or clear/tint PVC, depending on your requirements.

The aluminium components are available in 6 popular Colourbond colours including White, Black, Paperbark, Classic Cream, Monument and Woodland Grey. Other custom Colourbond options are also available at a surcharge.

The Ziptrak Outdoor blinds price is the premium option and start from $1295 installed and including GST.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds with Sunscreen Mesh Features

  • Up to 95% UV Block
  • Up to 95% Wind and Rain Block
  • No Side Gaps
  • Significantly reduces sun glare
  • Allows airflow
  • Provided privacy during the day
  • Easy to operate
  • Motorised also available

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds with PVC features

  • Available in clear or tinted
  • Highly engineered plastic made specifically for outdoor blinds in Australia’s harsh environment
  • Completely see-through
  • Up to 93% UV Block

These modern blinds are custom made to suit your requirements. They can be built up to 6m wide and 3.5m high. The team at Custom Blinds is comfortable installing the Ziptrak system on various surfaces and understands the mechanics of ensuring it is sturdy enough to affix the bracket and allow it to withstand high winds.


Maintenance of the Ziptrak system helps maintain the system to operate correctly and keep the blinds in great condition. In order to properly maintain the Ziptrak system:

  • Clean the blinds with soapy cold water and a soft cloth. Make sure the blinds are completely dry before they are rolled up again.
  • Depending on the type of PVC, there may be specific manufacturer instructions on maintaining the PVC.
  • Do not scratch the PVC materials.
  • Do not put undiluted detergent, sprays, or other unauthorized liquids on the blinds.
  • Only use a cloth and do not use a water hose on high pressure.
  • Do not use window cleaner on the blinds.
  • Immediately clean any bird droppings or other stains that fall on the blinds.
Alternatively, you are welcome to call us and discuss your requirements, 03 9872 6700
  • Colour Range
  • Brochure Download

The colour range shown here is a guide only. The full available range is endless and the colour output may vary depending on your computer screen.
Please contact us so we can arrange for you to see the full range and final output colour.

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Common Questions About Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

Below are some common questions about Ziptrak® outdoor blinds. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

Ziptrak is the original track guided alfresco blinds, developed and invented in Australia. They are protected under patent so you cannot find anything in the same class. Only Ziptrak blinds have a Centre lock-release, which allows you to unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the middle. This is the only system that allows you to lock and unlock the blind from both the inside and outside. They are the perfect solution for any alfresco area.

Ziptrak runs on a track guided system so there are no gaps and the blind runs smoothly due to the track system on either side.

The maximum width for Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds is 6000mm wide using sunscreen mesh and 5500mm wide using clear PVC.

In terms of the mesh fabric, there is a range of colour choices available, approximately 15 different colours. Our customers also have the choice of clear or tinted PVC. In relation to the track and pelmet colours, there is a choice of 6 standard powder coating colours available including White, Classic Cream®, Paperbark®, Black®, Woodland Grey® and Monument®. Custom powder coat colours are available at a surcharge.

Ziptrak blinds are trusted by thousands of Australian homes and businesses to provide an enjoyable outdoor living space. The strong and robust system is commonly installed throughout coastal regions and locations prone to high winds. If you are considering the wind speed, or wind rating for Ziptrak, please take note of the following information:
In windy conditions, blinds should be left down and locked, or fully retracted – halfway is the most vulnerable position. During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted.

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds are an excellent solution for alfresco areas. They can really transform your outdoor entertaining area into a usable space all year round. They are useful in summer to limit the strong sun and cool the area. They are also useful in Melbourne’s cold winter.

Absolutely. At Complete Blinds, over half of our outdoor Ziptraks are motorised providing an easy, simple and convenient operation for our customers. With the multi remote our customers can also choose to operate numerous blinds with one simple click of a button (up to 15 motors). It can’t get much better!