Are Plantation Shutters Energy Efficient?

In today’s climate, anything you can do to help reduce your environmental impact is best. A terrific way to consider the environment is by customising your home features to optimise energy efficiency. Additionally, by ensuring your energy use isn’t wasted, you’ll be able to save costs associated with your utility bills. You may have heard of plantation shutters before, but are they energy efficient? You’ll find that the more you research into this topic, the more evidence you’ll find as to why plantation shutters are one of the many great ways to be energy efficient.

Having the right kind of windows is important for energy efficiency, however you’ll need to extend your options for more thorough insulation. In order to save costs (especially during winter), you need to install the right kind of blinds in your home. Plantation shutters win the award for best energy efficient blinds, this is due to a number of different reasons. Here we discuss how and why plantation shutters are energy efficient.

Plantation shutters

The Design Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have a special feature that helps to promote insulation in your home. Louvers are horizontal slats attached to plantation shutters and when closed, they effectively reduce air loss or gain. This provides a great advantage for those colder months, ensuring cool air stays out of your home and ultimately reduces the amount of energy needed in your home.

Plantation shutters are also energy efficient because of the material they are derived from. Most often, plantation shutters are made from hardwood. Wood contains air pockets which induce effective insulation (and further limiting energy costs). In addition, wood caters for enhanced environmental protection when compared to other materials such as plastics.

How To Optimise The Use Of Plantation Shutters

It’s terrific to have plantation shutters properly installed in your home, however it’s also crucial to attain adequate knowledge behind their use. Ensure you close both the shutters against the windows and keep the louvers closed when your heaters are turned on. By doing this, you will ensure its design will promote insulation that will keep your home warmer for longer. Keeping shutters closed can be a difficult affair when living busy lives! Consider creating reminders on your phone to help prompt your memory. It could also be useful to attach your new habit to an original one, so that you have cues in the environment to remind you to close your newly installed plantation shutters!

Other Ways To Be Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters are an excellent way to keep your energy bills to a minimum and promote good environmental habits. Plantation shutters will keep your house much warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summertime. You can install plantation shutters solely to your windows, or you can also add curtains for an added design effect in your home. Curtains may provide your home with an added artistic element. Whilst plantation shutters are a great initial step in reducing energy use, there are many ways to implement energy efficient practices into your home.

  1. Assess your water usage habits. It can be easy to forego your level of awareness when it comes to water usage in your home. Whilst it’s nice (and important) to engage in the odd self-care bath and to be generous in your water usage, the amount of water consumed in your home plays a huge factor in your overall energy-use.
  2. Be agile with your thermostat. it can be easy to set and forget, however adjusting your thermostat to your activity levels will play an important role in reducing your energy consumption. Next time you leave for work, consider reducing the temperature to save those much-needed costs (and environmental impacts).
  3. Assess your lighting. Did you know that the type of bulbs you use can affect your energy use? You may be surprised, but there are many different types of lighting options you can consider to reduce your energy use. If you’re interested, try switching to halogen and LED bulbs as these will help make a dent in that unwanted energy bill.

Get Your Free In-Home Measure And Quote With Complete Blinds

If you’re interested in reducing your energy bills and contributing positively to the environment, why not consider changing your blinds? By installing plantation shutters, you’re going to be more effective with your energy use and help insulate your home in the cooler months! Don’t wait until bills skyrocket, manage your utility costs today. We’ll help you through the entire process to ensure your home is working optimally for you. Get in touch with our friendly team members and get your free in-home measure and quote with Complete Blinds, on us!


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