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Norman® Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds Are Also Known as Pleated or Cellular Blinds – Complete Blinds’ First Choice For Insulation.

Honeycomb blinds incorporate a multi-cell blanket of fabric made of polyester fiber for easy cleaning. This product is available in sheer, light-filtering or total blackout, depending on your requirements. All fabrics are durable and water repellent and will deliver excellent insulation, privacy, and sound absorption benefits to your window.


  • Excellent insulation properties, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Very low thermal transference, making them exceptionally energy efficient.
  • Large colour ranges available for either Sheer, Light Filtering or Blockout finishes.
  • Available in a range of single or double cell sizes to suit your needs.
  • Available in several operating systems, including corded and cordless version, top-down/bottom-up, day & night, smart fit for sloped windows and side guided options.
  • Polyester fiber ensures material will not degrade over time, as can happen with natural fabrics.
  • Aluminium headrail and bottom rail.
  • Can be used to limit light gaps in Bay and Corner windows.

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Honeycomb blinds are also called cellular shades or cellular blinds. They are preferred may many people due to the look and additional features of cancelling out noise and higher levels of privacy. Although they have several attractive features to consider, it’s always best to know everything about these pleated shades before choosing blinds for your spaces.

Why are they called honeycomb shades?

Cellular shades are constructed with a geometric fold that takes the shape of a honeycomb. They can be single or double-layered. There are a few differences between pleated shades and cellular shades. Cellular shades offer a little more efficiency than pleated shades due to construction. While pleated blinds and shades look the same from the front, they don’t have the same design that offers the best insulation properties.

Insulation is one of the most important features that stands out among these pleated blinds. Cellular blinds offer the most energy efficiency among blinds, with high R values that keep costs low while providing protection against the sun. In most cases, these honeycomb shades offer complete privacy unless the fabric chosen is very light. These blinds are so versatile that the amount of light coming into the room can be controlled. Honeycomb blinds can be mounted inside or outside and have motorised options to make things even more convenient.

Honeycomb blinds can be found on windows and sliding doors, offering a stylish solution. Many people love these cellular and pleated shades due to their minimalist look when pulled up. They are thin enough to provide a sleek and controlled look when folded. If you’re looking for a solution to keep noise at bay, honeycomb blinds are a good choice. They come in a variety of colours, so it is easy to have a room that can be blacked out with no noise. Noise is not an issue due to their cellular construction. For areas that need quiet time, these work well.

Again, choosing the right types of blinds is dependent on your wants and needs. We want to make sure you make the right decision that will work best for your situation. There are some challenges to consider if you are thinking about cellular blinds in your home or office. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Style: While these are a convenient choice, they may not work with your design aesthetic depending on what you are looking for. One of the advantages of this style is its ability to pair with other window treatments to create the aesthetic you want.
  • Light: Cellular shades do not allow the control of light if the shade is entirely down. While some blinds allow light to be filtered in, and other blinds have a translucent appearance. Honeycomb blinds are very effective in keeping the light out.
  • Maintenance: Pleated shades are known to get dirty over a certain period and can look dingy if not properly cleaned. There is a special technique needed to clean these blinds and maintain their appearance over time. We provide information on how to keep these shades clean and pristine.

The beauty of honeycomb blinds is that they come in different sizes and cells, creating better insulation. In most cases, manufacturing larger honeycomb blinds results in higher costs. But as the manufacturer, we offer our customers the best pricing on the market. Additionally, more cells in every layer of the blind helps with insulation but can be bulky This should not be considered a con because insulation against extreme cold or hot weather conditions makes a difference.

Honeycomb blinds are also available in different options such as cordless, top down bottom up, and motorised. The top down bottom up shades allow manipulation from the top, bottom, or both to add in natural light. This is great for those who need some natural light but want to maintain certain levels of privacy. Cordless cellular shades are manufactured without the cord for a streamlined look while offering safety for those with pets or small children. Finally, the motorised option provides a hands-free solution that can be controlled anywhere in the room.

There are also four opacity options that can be manufactured in cellular shades: semi-sheer, semi-opaque, opaque, or sheer. This controls the amount of light that is filtered or kept out of the room. The opaque ones are also called blackout cellular shades and offer the best option for rooms that need to be completely dark.

If you are looking for a practical solution that can keep out light and decrease your energy bills, honeycomb shades are a smart option. The beauty of customization is that there is no room for incorrect sizing as the windows are fitted. These shades usually come in pleat sizes of 3/8”, 7/16”, 9/16”, and ¾”, but we offer additional customization as needed.


Operation Systems for Norman Honeycomb Blinds

There are numerous operating systems available for our honeycomb blinds. Each system has its own advantages and gives our customers a wide variety of choices depending on their window furnishing needs.

Standard Cord Operation – Corded honeycombs are the standard operation method. This is the most economical way to operate honeycombs and comes with a safety cleat to tie off the cord when the honeycomb is lifted.

Continuous Cord Loop – This option is best for customers who do not wish to have a dangling cord as it is fixed to the wall with a child safety clip. This cord stays the same length regardless of where the honeycomb is lifted to. The Cord Loop also allows the honeycomb to reach wide widths and lifting capacities.

Cordless – The honeycomb operates with a spring-loaded mechanism in the headrail and is simply lowered and lifted to the desired position using your hand. This option is the most neat and tidy as there are no cords at all. Definitely a modern and classy finish.

Motorised – Honeycombs can be motorised using either a battery wand or AC adaptor option. The battery wand battery life is approximately 6 months depending on usage, whereas the AC adaptor is connected to the main power and the life span is unlimited. The white slimline remote can control up to 15 motorised honeycombs.

Top Down / Bottom Up – This honeycomb can be drawn completely to the top or bottom of the opening, or anywhere in between, giving unlimited light control and privacy options. Can be supplied with standard cord, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorised.

Authorised Dealer: Luxury Brand

At Complete Blinds, we are an authorised dealer for Norman Honeycomb Blinds. Norman is a highly regarded and recognised Honeycomb brand within the window furnishing industry. With this partnership, you can be assured you receive the best product with the service you deserve.

Great For Tight Fits

Honeycomb Blinds are also a perfect solution to a sliding door as they are available as a horizontal stack and fit extremely well inside the recess of a window frame which gives a very tidy finish.

Alternatively, you are welcome to call us and discuss your requirements, 03 9872 6700
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Common Questions About Honeycomb Blinds

Below are some common questions about honeycomb blinds. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

Yes. Norman® Honeycomb Blinds are a fantastic way to improve insulation in your home in Melbourne. They can reduce heat from the sun on hot days, whilst also being able to keep the cold out on those colder days in Melbourne that we have too often!

These pleated blinds are a very neat and tidy product that can fit nicely in any window reveal. They are the perfect solution for bedrooms and living areas including kitchens. At Complete Blinds we have installed a lot of Norman® Honeycomb Blinds both in the recess and on the face of windows, depending on the application.

Yes. Perhaps the best blockout blind on the market. The blockout fabric itself is 100% blockout, it is then important to ensure we install it in the best possible way to reduce any light that may bleed down the side of the window. Norman® Honeycomb Blinds can fit very tight within the window reveal minimizing the light gap. Light Guard is also available that can then eliminate that gap altogether.

Norman® Honeycomb Blinds can save you money on your energy bill. Studies have shown that a double cell honeycomb is approximately 34% more efficient than having nothing on your window.

Cordless Norman® Honeycombs are available and provide the ultimate child safety option. The corded options have been tested to be effective at preventing entanglements.

The choices are endless. Some customers’ feedback is that there are too many options. At Complete Blinds, we can recommend the best option to suit your needs and the requirements of the window application.