Norman® Perfect Sheer Blinds

Norman® Perfect Sheer Blinds

PerfectSheer™’s soft interplay of light, colours and shadows elevates decor and everyday privacy control to a new level of elegance and softness. This modern product provides a unique soft finish to any window. Only PerfectSheer™ combines a banded, layered shade with a sheer fabric vane shade for a sleek and modern effect.

Experience enhanced transitional light with great effect while making your windows a focal point of style, sophistication, and beauty.

Our collection of light-filtering and room-darkening fabric with a coordinated sheer shimmer in style. Complement your selection with a choice of fashionable top treatments for a more finished look.


Norman PerfectSheer Blinds can be ordered in numerous vane sizes to provide different views. These sheers also work as a buffer protecting furniture and flooring from the sun’s UV rays. This works to stop harsh sunlight from being concentrated in one place and spread it evenly throughout the room. There are different levels of opacity available that increase privacy options and they can also be motorised. Privacy and UV protection are attainable and affordable options. These sheer shades are easy to maintain and clean. Whether you want to launder them at home or send them to a dry cleaner, getting stains off is not a hassle. These window treatments are perfect for the person who lives on their own and doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on something that would take a long time to maintain.

Versatility is key when having products that work for you. These sheer shades have varied versions that meet multiple needs. UV ray filters, light-blockers, and other options are available for any room in the home or business. When looking to upgrade your home or office, these sheer shades get the job done. These shades cost much less than others on the market because they are made with affordable materials. At Custom Blinds, we make sure our customers are getting the most competitive pricing on the market.

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Common Questions About Norman® Perfect Sheer Blinds

Below are some common questions about Norman® Perfect Sheer Blinds. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

PerfectSheer shades provide the perfect solution for the control of light, privacy and view. With Norman’s innovative PerfectSheer three-layered soft shades, you can progressively change the opacity of the shade, transitioning from sheer to light filtering or room darkening, all at the simple pull of a cord. At Complete Blinds, we recommend this product in lounge rooms and living areas to provide a soft and beautiful touch.

Room-darkening and light-filtering fabrics are available. Either of these fabrics includes different colours and textures to provide our customers with plenty of options. Select light-filtering fabrics for an ambient glow throughout your home during the day or room-darkening vanes for maximum light control and privacy during the night or day. Also, you can choose matching aluminium or wood light guards to block unwanted light bleed from around the sides of the shade and a PVC light block at the top of the shade.

The maximum width available for this blind is 2489w. An option is to have another blind side by side in the same opening and have the shades lining up for a visually impressive result.

PerfectSheer’s unique design and innovative operating system offers the snuggest vane closure of any product in its category, providing homeowners with the ultimate privacy and light control.

A curved fascia with a fabric insert is a popular choice. Another option available is a square fabric valance with matching fabric. These options provide an elegant finish to the top of the shade and minimises light bleed.