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If you’re looking for a clean and classic look, Roman blinds are the solution. With a knack for adding elegance and other aesthetics to a room, they are the go-to in home décor. We offer different styles and types, customized to your taste.

Having Roman blinds offers many benefits:

  • Versatility: Roman blinds are a good look for all sizes of windows. The mood of the room can be casual or elegant and both will have a beautiful outcome.
  • Protection against sun: Roman blinds offer protection from strong sunrays. They can be controlled to prevent or allow sunlight in. This can also offer additional warmth in the winter based on the type of materials used.
  • Security: Roman blinds offer privacy and security due to their light-filtering ability.
  • Convenience: With so many new protocols in place and a higher priority on germ-free spaces, Roman blinds offer a cleaner option. They are easy to clean and do not collect as much dust as a typical set of blinds. They are great for areas that require less touching.
  • Design: Roman blinds can be customized and outfitted with personal choices. There are very distinct styles available, and personalized material makes them unique. The options are almost unlimited. They can also be customized with different fabrics and textures, making some designs one-of-a-kind.

How do Roman blinds work?

Used for centuries, Roman blinds have been a staple in homes and offices. They were generally used to prevent dust. Vertical cords were eventually added for the convenience of lowering and raising the blind when needed.

Just like Roman blinds, we’ve been around long enough to prove why we’re the choice for you! Roman blinds are used for practicality, and even if they aren’t motorised, they work very traditionally. When used manually, Roman blinds are manipulated by pulling a drawstring. The pleats on the blinds fold as the string is pulled. Although they come in different styles and materials, the consistency in the look of the fold remains the same. There are different styles of Roman blinds to consider:

  • Batten Front: A batten, or tunnel, is a specialized feature of the Roman shade. This front feature has a tube of fabric with solid material strips sewn into the outer areas. This is attractive in stripes and patterns that will not hinder the look of the design.
  • Flat Fold: These are manufactured with one big piece of fabric with no seams across the front face of the fabric. This is a good style choice for designs that should look continuous. When raised, the shades do not need as much space because there are no visible seams.
  • Batten Back: These Roman blinds have inverted battens that are sewn into the area facing the window. They provide an elegant look when lowered and take on a traditional look when raised.
  • Soft/Hobble Fold: These Roman blinds embrace the traditional look with soft folds of fabric cascading top-down. This creates the appearance of a soft ruffle or waterfall. For those who like the look of heavy window treatments, this is a good option.
  • Relaxed Fold: This has a curved bottom and is designed for windows that need the shade to be partially raised most, if not all of the time.

Before making a final decision on the type of Roman blinds you need, it’s also important to consider the purpose of those blinds. Why do you need them, and how do you intend to use them? All window treatments should be selected with a purpose in mind. Here are some considerations based on available types of Roman blinds:

  • Blackout: This is one of the most popular reasons for this type of blind. They are made with heavier fabric for this purpose and may have additional fabric layers to completely black out the room and prevent sunlight from entering.
  • Thermal white light sateen blinds: These help create insulation for a window by preventing air from escaping. The white light keeps the room well-lit.
  • Room-darkening: These are specifically designed to hinder the amount of sunlight that comes into the space. This also has an additional fabric layer.
  • Standard blinds: These are light filtering, allowing the room to be filled with light while maintaining privacy.

In our warehouse, we pay special attention to detail when manufacturing Roman blinds. There are three parts in a standard Roman blind in Melbourne — the panel made with fabric, the cord, and ring system. For custom Roman blinds that are designed for motorisation, the cord is usually removed.

A Contemporary New Look

Add a new contemporary look for any window with Roman blinds, with the largest range of fabrics including decorative patterns for both casual and formal areas. Simplicity and modern design allow our Roman Blinds to fit into any setting. Choose from our range of natural colours in blockout (for total privacy and light control) or light-filtering fabrics.

Roman Blinds easily enhance the feel of any room in your home and offer all the privacy and insulating properties of drapes.

Roman Blinds offer a neat horizontal pleated look when drawn, and a neat smooth drop when down, which helps maintain an uncluttered look throughout your home.

There are two ways to display Roman blinds: inside mounted or outside mounted. What are the differences? Inside mounted Roman blinds are mounted inside the frame for a flush, consistent look. The advantage of this installation type is the display of the window casing. Outside mounted Roman blinds are outside the window frame. This can be useful when an additional roller shade is used for the inside frame or there is a need to have more control over the amount of light filtering into the space. Our consultants can help you figure out which would be more beneficial for your specific room type and usage.

Where would you use Roman blinds?

Roman blinds can be used in every room. Based on where they are used, the aesthetic and feel change. These are very attractive in more formal rooms but run the risk of fading over time due to the sun if a filter is not used. Adding the filter to your Roman blinds helps with preservation and longevity.

Although Roman blinds can be used in almost every room, the bathroom and kitchen must have selective fabric that is moisture-resistant to avoid seeing streaks and other marks from condensation. Additionally, our team recommends all Roman blinds in the kitchen or bathroom be installed a certain way in the window recess to avoid touching areas where moisture can collect.

Roman Blinds | Extra Features

Complete Blinds offers the latest aluminum back batons, for added strength and to eliminate any light through stitching marks all at no extra cost. Also available are timber battens that give your Roman blinds a completely different feel.

Select from traditional back baton or contemporary front batten in natural timber stains – The choice is yours!


We also offer liners for our Roman blinds to help regulate the light entering into a room. Without a liner, harsh sunrays are able to come through. Additionally, the fabric looks see-through. With a liner, some light is allowed, but privacy levels increase. There are also liners that accommodate people who need room darkeners. We will attach blackout liners to the blind that prevents the light from coming straight through, but there is a sliver of light on both sides. This creates a dramatic effect for any space.

Our designs are so versatile that we also offer a blackout option where the shade can be raised for natural light to come through a privacy liner. The blind can be raised or lowered for different light options.

Design is continuously changing, and Custom Blinds is right there, keeping clients informed on the changes in Roman blinds Melbourne design. Newer designs in this space have introduced Roman blinds that do not fold. Modern blinds now roll up into a canister, creating more space. Fabric on these blinds is light and thin as opposed to traditional Roman blinds which are thick with liners. Additionally, the new design allows for top-down or bottom-up functionality.

Our design consultants can assist in helping to select a fabric that will work well in the space you have planned. While these blinds can be made with all types of fabric, there are a few that may have more of an impact that will create their signature folds for a tasteful look and finish. When searching for a crisp look, materials with faux silk, linen, blended linen, lightweight taffeta, and damasks are all good choices.

We also have suggestions on which fabrics to avoid when getting custom Roman blinds:

  • Silk: Pure silk can be harmed by moisture and consistent heavy sunlight which can affect the material for detrimental results.
  • Faux leather, PVC, vinyl, and oilcloth: Roman blinds made of these materials are too heavy and thick to create pleats and folds when raised. This will cause the blind to separate and tear. Faux suede is a good alternative that can be used.
  • Stretch Knit: Anything that can stretch in a weaved pattern is not a good idea for Roman blinds. Stretch knit does not allow for precise cuts, which will cause the material to lose shape making the blind inoperable.
  • Sheers: Although this material will look nice, it defeats the purpose of having a liner. Additionally, all the other pieces will show through the sheer.

Cord or Chain Control Operation Roman Blinds

Complete Blinds offers chain control operation for easy use as the standard option. Also available is the cord operation system. The chain control operation system is recommended. A motorised option is also available that controls multiple shades at the same time. This is useful for homes or businesses with children or there are mobility issues.

Want a Free Consultation for Roman Blinds?

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You can also call us to organise a free in-home measure and quote where you will receive expert advice from our friendly consultants. All our consultants have over five years of experience in the industry.

If you have window measurements and just want a price over the phone, we are more than happy to help. Please feel free to call us, and we can give you information on our Roman blinds.


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Common Questions About Roman Blinds

Below are some common questions about roman blinds. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

At Complete Blinds, we supply our Roman Blinds as standard with a premium chain control for the easiest operation.

Roman Blinds can span as large as 2800 mm wide, however, we believe the maximum width of Romans should stay within 2600mm wide for the best result. This recommendation is also subject to how large the drop of the Roman blind.

Yes. At Complete Blinds, we can offer our Roman Blinds with numerous colour timber batons. However, our standard Roman Blinds are supplied with the “back batons”.