Choosing The Right Fabric For Roller Blinds: An Easy Guide

Choosing the right roller blinds fabricBlinds can work wonders for the overall appeal of your home. Saving energy costs through temperature control, reducing glare, and creating a designer look throughout the different rooms in your house. Style and function can both be significantly improved, but only if you choose the right fabric and style of roller blinds.


Making the wrong choice is something you’ll regret for years to come – so, how can you be sure you’ve made the best, most informed decision possible? Continue reading through our handy guide for a better understanding of everything to consider before choosing fabric for your new blinds.

This blog outlines all the key factors to think about when selecting fabric for a new set of roller blinds. For personalised advice, contact our helpful team at Complete Blinds today.

Consider the Climate of Your Home

One of the first things to factor in when choosing the best fabric for your blinds is the climate of your local area. Different types of blinds serve different purposes, and individual fabric options are going to achieve a variety of results. Should you live somewhere where it gets rather hot and humid, you need to ensure that all your windows have full coverage options to keep your home cool and comfortable. The goal is to maintain low energy costs while still maintaining a nice temperature throughout the house.

For cooler climates, however, you’re looking for fabric options that keep the heat in. Minimising energy and gas usage while making sure your home doesn’t get too chilly could be achieved with the right type of blinds. Having the correct blinds installed can be a wonderful and cost-effective way to control the overall temperature of your house, but making the wrong choice can be costly. That’s why it’s important to work with a blinds expert to ensure you make an informed decision.

Put Function First

Visual appeal is one thing, but the primary focus should always be on function. Your blinds are there to serve a purpose and you want to ensure the fabric you choose is informed by which is going to best achieve that purpose. Darker fabrics are perfect for reducing glare, but will absorb considerably more heat. Lighter fabrics will absorb less heat, but they’re going to reflect light far more than dark options will.

Decide what functions you need your blinds to provide before making any sort of decision regarding the fabric. Do they need to create privacy in your room? Do they need to filter glare from the afternoon sun? Do you want them to allow for natural lighting to fill your living room? Your fabric choice will determine the success of your blinds. Working with a professional can ensure you receive all the advice you need, and they can factor in all your wishes before making expert recommendations.

Sticking to Your Style

Everything in your home should have your very own flair. You deserve to love every single item within your house, right down to the blinds! Be sure to give your personal style a voice when choosing your roller blinds fabric. After all – this is your house, and you’re the one who’s going to be looking at those blinds day in and day out.

There is a range of colours and styles to choose from in terms of fabrics, meaning you’re bound to find something that matches the rest of your home whilst achieving the look and design of your dreams.

Fabrics on Offer

So, you’re purchasing a new set of roller blinds. As you take all of the above into consideration, it’s important to know some of the most common fabric options available for this style of blind. Below is a helpful breakdown of each fabric choice we offer at Complete Blinds, and what each could provide for your home.

Blockout blinds are exactly what you’d imagine – they block everything out. You can’t see out, and nobody can see in. The fabric isn’t see-through, and will provide a firm barrier between you and any sun. This style provides the utmost privacy and options for total coverage from light. Many people will opt for blockout roller blinds for bedrooms, media rooms, and living rooms (especially if there’s a television!).

If you adore natural light and the way it can enhance your home, then light-filtering roller blinds could be your best bet. Light-filtering fabrics offer a gentle lighting option when closed, diffusing sunlight evenly across the room to curate a warm glow. You can enjoy the benefits of gorgeous and soft natural lighting while avoiding harsh glares and maintaining privacy. Light-filtering roller shades can ensure people outside your window don’t get direct views inside.

Plenty of us adore the sun and its natural lighting, but at times we can forget the damage it can cause – both to us and our homes. UV radiation has the capacity to severely damage furniture and floors, creating long-term changes over time in appearance and quality. If you’re looking for a roller blinds option that effectively prevents glare and UV radiation, sunscreen blinds might be just the fabric you’ve been looking for.

Find Your Perfect Blinds with Complete Blinds

As you look into installing new roller blinds, there can be an overwhelming amount of factors to consider. Here at Complete Blinds, we’re here to make the process easy. We have partnered with high-quality brands including Shaw of Australia, Uni-Line, Hunter Douglas, and Wilsons to give our customers a wide selection of fabrics. Contact our team of friendly professionals today, and we’ll start working towards finding the perfect collection of blinds for your home.


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