Motorised Curtains Automate®

Motorised Curtains Automate®

Motorised curtains are convenient, trendy and luxurious when it comes to window furnishings. With a click of a button a motorised curtain will glide across the window or door area with ease. At Complete Blinds we manufacture Automate® Motorised Curtains and they are a fantastic inclusion to our motorised range. Consider choosing motorisation.

The Automate® Versa drapery motor can power curtains up to 11 metres wide with fabrics weighing just over 50 Kg’s. This versatile motor easily connects to two different power sources a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or an AC power module, providing greater flexibility at installation.

A great deal can be achieved when motorising curtains in lofty, open plan living areas with Automate® motors. Automate technology allows for motorised curtains of up to 11 meters wide, curtains that can wrap around corners and slow down upon closure, to perfect an elegant aesthetic for your interior space.

Also, if you are closer to your curtain than your remote control or smart phone, the Automate Versa motor offers the added benefit of manual activation. This function allows you to gently pull on the drapes and the motor will complete the action – automatically moving the drapes to open or close.

At Complete Blinds we manufacture both Automate® Roller Blinds and Automate® Curtains so that they can work hand in hand together. This means you can operate both products off the same remote or the same WI FI hub for home automation.

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The colour range shown here is a guide only. The full available range is endless and the colour output may vary depending on your computer screen.
Please contact us so we can arrange for you to see the full range and final output colour.

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Common Questions About Motorised Curtains Automate®

Below are some common questions about motorised curtains automate®. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

Motorised Curtains Automate® glide across the window or door area effortlessly at the click of a button or through manual activation.

The Automate® Versa motor in Motorised Curtains Automate® can power curtains up to 11 metres wide and handle fabrics weighing just over 50 Kg.

The weight limit for Motorised Curtains Automate® is just over 50 Kg, allowing for flexibility in fabric choice.

Yes, Motorised Curtains Automate® can be part of home automation, operated off the same remote or WI-FI hub as other automated products in the home.

White and black motorised tracks are available for Motorised Curtains Automate®, allowing for customization to match your interior space. You can consult the provided colour range for specifics. There are a large range of fabrics and colours to also choose from.