Blinds for a Warm Winter

Winter is on its way to Melbourne, and it’s already starting to chill. This month (May 3) was our coldest morning of 2017, at 7.4 degrees! And winter is coming…

We all know blinds are great for beating the heat, though how do they fair with the cold? Great! They wouldn’t be Melbourne blinds if they didn’t insulate against great heat and cold.

Reduce Heat Loss and your Gas Bills

Studies show that on average 30% of heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows. So why not save some money off your gas bill and improve your home with great interior blinds?

Here are a few of our suggestion on picking the right blinds to warm your home this winter:


Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are excellent for controlling temperature, their multi-cell design create an excellent buffer between your home and frosty mornings. Their horizontal stack design also means they are perfect solution to large sliding doors, which are great source of heat loss in most homes. Fitting extremely well inside the recess of a window frame honeycomb blinds create a very tidy finish.


Roller Blinds

Our most popular and versatile blind, Holland Roller Blinds, are always a great choice for your home. Sleek and stylish these interior blinds provide good insulation, with a minimal profile. Adding a motor allows you roll into bed while you roll down your blinds for a warm insulated night.

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