Plantation Shutters: From Ancient Greece to modern Melbourne

If you own, rent, or gaze longingly at homes you are all too familiar with the need for privacy – even in the case of the latter. Privacy can mean shutting yourself away from the world, and in the case of a home it means boarding up the windows and bolting the door. Despite the desire for privacy modern architecture presents a home as more than a barrier against the world outside its walls, a home is also a space where you let in what you love; family, friends, and even a little of the outside world.

Plantation Shutters may not filter out unwanted friends and family  – like a certain in-law – yet when it comes to light and airflow, plantation shutters shine… but only on your terms.

Plantation Shutters, plantation blinds,  traditional shutters, or California shutters, are believed to  have started their career long before moving to California, it was in ancient Greece that the first plantation shutters were made. These first shutters were made of marble, and were not easy to move! Yet they were as sturdy as they were popular. As the shutter spread from home-to-home across the Mediterranean, their form changed from marble to wood not by alchemy but rather design. These new timber shutters allowed for moveable louvrers so that the amount of light and air could be controlled with  greater precision. King Louis XIV of France (also know as the Sun King) was moved by the louvre installing them throughout his palace, taking advantage of the wooden shutter’s greater insulation and airflow control to rule at comfortable temperature.


Long after King Louis XIV plantation shutters were still ruling. The colonization of America by the Spaniards brought interior wood shutters to America where they were again popularised by their use in plantation manors gaining them the name “Timber moveable louver shutters” and then later the more concise “Plantation Shutter”.

Many years on the Plantation Shutter is still just as popular and practical. If like King Louis you are interested in plantation shutters in your home, give us a call or visit us at our showroom and we can give you expert advice, and quality service.

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