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Complete Blinds is the specialist when it comes to Plantation Shutters Melbourne. We have been providing Melbourne with quality Plantation Shutters for over 10 years. Complete Blinds can offer expert advice in design and installation for our customers. Our business employs installers and do not use sub-contractors; this allows us to have full control over the customer service and installation quality.

Premium Norman Plantation Shutters

At Melbourne’s Complete Blinds, we have aligned ourselves with the best brands so that our customers can be assured they are receiving a premium branded Plantation Shutter at the right price. We supply this quality Brand in Melbourne.

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How do you decide between traditional shutters and plantation shutters?

It is important to select the right shutter for your windows. Understanding the differences and their functionality is just as important as selecting the best window treatment. Plantation shutters are different because they have louvers that can be adjusted using the slats. This allows enough light to pass through the windows. Traditional shutters are made of solid shutters and serve to block direct sunlight, as well as provide security for the window. They are not adjustable and cannot be adjusted to adjust the light entering the room.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Shutters are the ideal window treatment if you’re looking for window coverings that look elegant, stylish, easy to install, and durable.

  • Shutters can enhance the look of your room and add value to your house.
  • Shutters are great for privacy.
  • They can be closed off from the outside with just a flip of a slat.
  • Split louvers are a great solution for people who live on the ground floor.
  • They allow you to close the lower portion of the louvers to block out the view from the outside. This allows you to control the louvers opening so that enough light can enter the room.
  • Because of their natural insulation properties, plantation shutters are more energy-efficient than interior shutters.
  • Shutters can be attractive, making them a better choice than other window treatments. You can match them with your interior décor and wall colors. This creates a wonderful combination of style AND functionality.

Plantation shutters can be used in Australia’s unique climate. They offer a significant advantage over other window coverings such as shades, blinds, and curtains. These shutters look great in modern and traditional spaces and are stylish. Take a look through our shutter gallery for a selection of shutters!

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Authorised Dealer: Luxury Brand

At Complete Blinds, we are an authorised dealer for Norman Australia. When it comes to quality and high manufacturing standards, Norman Shutters are a trusted brand that have 50 years of experience in manufacturing Plantation Shutters.

Value For Money

Plantation Shutters are considered one of the superior window furnishings for your home, therefore like any investment, you must be happy with the product you are buying. At Complete Blinds, we understand this and have developed our business to provide the best possible quality at the right price – “Value for Money.”

Plantation Shutters in Melbourne are available in many materials and colours including PVC, Basswood, Western Red Cedar and Aluminium. All materials have their advantages depending on the application and the customer’s needs for Plantation Shutters in Melbourne. Please explore our website to learn more about Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne Features

  • Reinforced Engineered Wood Stiles – Multiple
    layers of hardwood veneer bonded together,
    strengthen the core of the stile providing a
    lifetime of durability and stability.
  • Quarter Sawn Wood Louvres – Not the inferior
    flat-sawn louvres seen in regular wood shutters,
    Norman’s quarter sawn louvres withstand the
    woods natural tendency to cup, twist and warp.
  • Mortise and Tenon Joinery – Found only in fine
    crafted furniture, our mortise & tenon joints
    will help keep your shutters square and true,
    guaranteeing long term functionality.
  • Superior Finishing – Includes multiple
    hand sanding and finishing sequences for a
    richer and luxurious finish. In Woodlore, the
    polypropylene coating is medical grade quality,
    creating a healthy home and resists scratching,
    chipping, peeling and yellowing under the harsh
    Australian sun.
  • Prescription Wood Conditioning – The moisture
    level in each wood shutter component is custom
    kiln dried to match the ambient moisture
    conditions of its final destination. This unique
    drying process improves the long-term stability
    of the shutter panels and frames once installed.
  • Invisible Tilt – The louvres move in unison like
    magic with no visible tilt rod. Invisible Easy Tilt’s
    gear driven system is built into each stile and
    operates louvres flawlessly with precision light
    and view control.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe – All the
    materials chosen for Norman shutters are done
    with the environment and your family’s safety
    in mind. From sustainable and legally sourced
    wood products to safe and recyclable high-grade
    polymers and wood composites. Nurtured from
    our forests to our factories to your home.
  • Recessed Magnets – Recessed magnets are
    embedded into each stile to eliminate the gap
    between the shutter panel and shutter frame,
    creating a simple and clean look from every angle.
  • Decorative Accessories – Decorative accessories
    to enhance the functionality of your shutters,
    including panel pulls, panel locks and hinges
    in a wide range of finishes.
  • Norman is the wisest choice for shutters –
    We offer a 5 year ‘No questions Asked’ warranty
    on all our shutters. Dependable and high quality,
    Norman shutters are covered by a comprehensive
    warranty for extra peace of mind. The warranty
    that even covers life’s little mishaps. If you break
    or damage it, we’ll offer a one-time repair or
    replacement, for free with no questions asked!
    See full details on the Product Warranty page.

Timber Plantation Shutters are the best option when it comes to installing plantation shutters in your home. They are a natural product and therefore can withstand strong sun and provide fantastic insulation properties for your house.

Free Consultation for Plantation Shutters?

At Complete Blinds, we understand choosing anything new for your home may be challenging. We encourage you to visit our showroom in Ringwood, Melbourne to see the latest range of plantation shutters and other blinds which may interest you.

You can call us to organise a free in-home measure and quote where you will receive expert advice from our friendly consultants. All our consultants have over five years of experience in the industry.

If you have window measurements and just want a price over the phone, we are more than happy to help. Please call us, and we can give you information on plantation shutters!

Alternatively, you are welcome to call us and discuss your requirements, 03 9872 6700
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The colour range shown here is a guide only. The full available range is endless and the colour output may vary depending on your computer screen.
Please contact us so we can arrange for you to see the full range and final output colour.

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Common Questions About Plantation Shutters

Below are some common questions about plantation shutters. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

Absolutely. At Complete Blinds, we have supplied and installed our customers with all sorts of shapes including circle, raked, arched, triangle, and the list goes on. Shaped Plantation Shutters are only available using timber. View our gallery that showcases different shaped plantation shutters here.

Basswood is a fast-growing timber and is from the Tilia Americana group. It is lightweight, easily worked, and very stable. It is considered a hardwood when it comes to Plantation Shutters. Not only is basswood lightweight, but it is also one of the most stable and durable timbers available on the market today with fantastic natural thermal properties. Basswood is a natural product and can resist warping and heat from the strong Australian sun. At Complete Blinds, we highly recommend Basswood over cheaper PVC Plantation Shutters.

Timber Plantation Shutters beats PVC Plantation shutters almost always! Timber is a natural product that provides so many advantages over PVC including being lightweight and stable with wider spans, enhanced thermal properties, and an eco-friendly product. They can also be crafted to suit many shapes and applications.
PVC shutters are heavier with minimal span availability. Limited custom options can have off-gassing and are not good for the environment. At Complete Blinds, we sometimes recommend PVC shutters in wet areas, ie in the actual shower because of their water-resistant capabilities. We have a saying that is “If PVC/Plastic is good, why don’t they build houses out of it?”