Timber Plantation Shutters

Norman Timber Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most desired types of window treatments because they adapt to any aesthetic and are very stylish. Plantation shutters Melbourne are very popular among homeowners. It is important to understand the difference between the types of internal window shutters. While white plantation shutters are in high demand, there are other Dulux colours and selections to choose from.

Timber plantation shutters cost a little more than the standard blind because they are regarded as a luxury item. These shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also very strong while being lightweight. This helps them last for a long time without the risk of sagging. One of the distinguishing features of timber plantation shutters is their ability to stand alone without any additional window treatments or enhancements in both traditional and modern spaces.

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Where does the timber come from?

There are trees grown specifically for timber plantation shutters. They are environmentally conscious and help lessen the environmental carbon print.

Insulation is also increased with these shutters, helping keep the home warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. Splash-resistant, they can also be used in any room of the house where moisture collects.

Maintenance for these shutters may require painting after about 15 years.

Norman Australia Timber Plantation Shutters

At Complete Blinds, we have aligned ourselves with the best brands so that our customers can be assured they are receiving a premium branded Plantation Shutter at the right price.

Complete Blinds is an authorised dealer for Norman Australia. When it comes to quality and high manufacturing standards, Norman Shutters are a trusted brand. Norman Shutters have fifty years of experience in manufacturing Plantation Shutters.

Proven Experience

Complete Blinds has been supplying the local area with custom-made Timber Plantation Shutters for over 10 years. Our business employs installers and does not use subcontractors. This allows us to have full control when it comes to customer service and support. We are the experts when it comes to Plantation Shutters.

Basswood is our preferred and recommended material for Timber Plantation Shutters. Basswood is amongst the straightest of hardwoods globally and is ideal for producing Timber Plantation Shutters. It is a natural choice, whilst being very strong and fairly lightweight, we have a wide range of frames and colours to suit your interior designs and styles.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Endless Choices

We offer endless painted colours and stained finishes; no doubt you will find a colour that will suit your home. As an extra, we can also provide a Dulux colour match.

Our painted finishes are painted with a quality two-pack polyurethane paint. This particular paint finish pleases the eye, as the paint finish is smoother than ever before. It also provides resistance against knocks and scratches making the plantation shutter more durable — a superior paint finish to other plantation shutters available on the market.

If you choose a stained finish then you will be pleased, as the timber is hand-sanded and stained so that the natural timber grain is highlighted to show the true beauty of the timber.


Available with either centre tilt rod, offset tilt rod or Clearview rotation. Choose from beaded or flat frames.


Available as Bi-Fold, Sliding, Circle, Oval, Arch, Triangle, Rake, Bay Window, Corner Window, T-Posts, and more.


Available as painted or stained Timber Plantation shutters. As an extra, you can choose your customized Dulux colour.


47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm louvre widths available.

Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters

Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters are the perfect solution for a sliding door, as they can stack away from the door opening. They can be installed with a top track, bottom track and sideboards depending on your window application and what look you require.

Timber Plantation Shutter Features

  • Smooth UV protected Paint finish
  • Strong Mortise and tenon joints
  • Hardwood and lightweight timber
  • Large range of painted and stained finishes available
  • Child safe
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Custom made with endless choices
  • Excellent curbside appeal

Timber Plantation Shutters are the best option when it comes to installing plantation shutters in your home. They are a natural product and therefore can withstand strong sun and provide fantastic insulation properties for your house.

Alternatively, you are welcome to call us and discuss your requirements, 03 9872 6700
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The colour range shown here is a guide only. The full available range is endless and the colour output may vary depending on your computer screen.
Please contact us so we can arrange for you to see the full range and final output colour.

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Common Questions About Timber Plantation Shutters

Below are some common questions about timber plantation shutters. If you require any further assistance,
feel free to give us a call on 03 9872 6700 during our business hours.

Yes. Timber Plantation Shutters are an exceptional choice in your home. At Complete Blinds, we are proud to be an authorised dealer of MYT Shutters, who specialise in manufacturing plantation shutters. Timber Shutters provide many features to our customers such as lightweight, eco-friendly grown timber, stable and strong enhanced functional and natural thermal properties.
By using sustainable, strong and natural Timber we can create shutters in almost any desired shape. Our Timber collection provides you with a wide range of colours, styles, and design options, allowing you to bring the perfect look into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other area. Our flagship Basswood Plantation Shutters are the most popular shutter purchased from our customers at Complete Blinds. We also have Paulownia Timber and Western Red Cedar Timber available.

Using 89mm louvres a Timber Plantation Shutter panel can span to 950mm wide — however, if a frame is used, this can increase to 1000mm wide. Using 63mm louvres the panel can span to 850mm wide — however, if a frame is used, this can increase to 900mm wide.

Yes, this option is available at a surcharge. We will need to provide the factory with the colour code. The factory then sends a sample for our customer to confirm before manufacture. At Complete Blinds, we request that our customers consider this choice cautiously as it can be a lengthy process. There are also approximately 15 painted colour choices to choose from as standard.

There are many operating choices available, and a consultant from Complete Blinds can certainly assist. Options include hinged, fixed, sliding and bi-fold. In relation to operating the actual louvres our standard “clear-view” is very modern and fashionable. Another option is using a “tilt-rod”, this is a traditional look and may suit certain applications. Our premium option is the “supaclear” control mechanism. The “supaclear” is then the control mechanism for the louvres is built into the side rail of the shutter. This option means you cannot see the tilt rod bar at all.

Yes. MYTShutters provides eco-friendly Timber Plantation Shutters. The timber is harvested from eco-friendly plantations that is 100% renewable. The paint finish is also 100% water-based and toxic-free.