Roller Blinds: The Art of Window Shades

Today I am revisting the beautiful art of window shades that we previously touched on in our concise history of Roller Blinds, if you haven’t read it you can find it here:
Roller Blinds: Lasting Beauty

Roller Blinds first started decorating windows in the 1700’s, though it until the 1800’s that they themselves begun being embellished.

In 1800’s Romance was in the air, specifically in art. The Romanticism art movement was about capturing the elegance and beauty of all the past and nature, it was about emotion and individualism. At the same time an industrial revolution meant that anything everything could be mass produced, and Roller Blinds were no exception. New and old techniques of copying, tracing, stencilling, and pouncing were used to imbue roller blinds with Victorian grandeur. Roller blinds were decorated with complex patterns, garden foliage and natural scenes, adding to the already enhanced home interiors.

American Roller Blinds 1800’s

European Roller Blinds 1800’s

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