Roller Blinds Harmonise with Any Decor Style

Roller blinds are sleek and decorative, providing control over light and privacy without covering the frame of the window like curtains. A roller blind is a length of fabric rolled around a tubular mechanism. Roller blinds are available in any colour, fabric, or texture, to ensure it will harmonise with any décor style. There are several advantages to choosing a roller blind over curtains:

• Roller blinds are more energy efficient than curtains.
• Blinds allow for greater control over light and privacy than a curtain.
• Having a roller blind instead of heavy curtains will make a room appear larger.

There are a variety of exceptional blinds to meet many different needs, style, and design:

Blockout Roller Blinds

Roller BlindsBlockout blinds are versatile, practical, elegant and functional. These compact blinds can be used in a variety of settings where other blinds may not be suitable. Combo blinds can be used together with See View roller blinds and other blind systems to create the perfect window covering.

See View Roller Blinds

See View Roller Blinds are a system where two chain operated blinds are held by one set of brackets. This is the perfect solution for use during the daytime, with one roller blind that will filter light during the day. In the evenings, both blinds can be pulled down for privacy.

Link Roller Blind and Independent Link Roller Blinds

Link Roller Blinds are systems used to connect two or more roller blinds side by side. This system will reduce the light gap between the blinds when pulled down. This system also allows several blinds to be controlled by one chain.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised Roller Blinds are manoeuvred with the touch of a button, making it very easy to control the endless possibilities of controlling shade, light, and privacy.

Milano Roller Blinds

Motorised Roller Blinds are fitted into a head rail for increased flexibility of the placement of the brackets. Milano blinds are operated by a chain with a spring system that provides smooth blind movement.

Skyline and Galaxy Roller NB

Skyline and Galaxy Roller NB is a type of roller blind specifically made for windows that are more than 2,410mm wide and for use when a link system is not sufficient.



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