Stop Heat loss through Windows this Winter

In our last blog (Blinds For A Warm Winter) we talked about how costly exposed or poorly protected windows can be during winter, which turns out to be very!

Now that winter has arrived in Melbourne we thought some quick tips for Melbourne Blinds and window coverings could help add some much needed warmth, courtesy of

Diagram Showing how to prevent heat loss through windows
Diagram Showing how to prevent heat loss through windows


  • Use closely woven, close-fitting curtains or blind, Roller Blinds are a great option and can be customized to any setting.
  • Ensure there’s a snug fit on both sides of the window and at the top of the curtain to stop warm air from moving down behind the curtain and cooling. We would recommend Roller Blinds are Honeycomb Blinds for a nice flush, and tidy finish.
  • Install pelmets or solid barriers above the curtain rail, or position the curtain within the window space (pelmets can be as plain or as decorative as you like – for some great ideas, visit Pinterest and search for ‘pelmets’ or come into our Melbourne Showroom and see them for yourself)
  • Close curtains or blinds when you have the heating on, especially at night – by leaving curtains or blinds open, you’re wasting money and energy

Hopefully this information has given you a good idea on what to look for when choosing interior blinds for your home, though if you’d like some more expert advice or a free quote, contact us today and we can help!

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