Style and Quality are enhanced with Plantation Shutters from Lifestyles Shutters

For those who want to make the inside of their home have more of a curb appeal, the ideal choice for creating more style is the use of plantation shutters. These unique style of shutters offer a simplistic and yet fashionable approach to the traditional option of the use of blinds.

What is a Plantation Shutter?

This style of shutter is becoming increasingly popular in many homes around the world. Comprised of several vertical slats of wood or composite material, they enable as much or as little light to enter a room as you desire.

What are the Best Uses for Plantation Shutters?

Although they are a favorite window treatment to many individuals in many parts of the globe, they are incredibly popular in warmer climates. This is because their design allows for maximum air flow to travel between the wooden slats which act as a form of natural air conditioning.

Plantation shutters are also ideal for maximizing space within a room. As these types of blinds tend to sit flush within the window reveal, they don’t take up excessive room, as bulky drapes or curtains can tend to do.

Plantation Shutters VS Traditional Blinds

plantation shuttersThere are some major differences between shutters and traditional blinds. The largest of these differences is obviously the material that is used. While traditional blinds are made of metal or plastic, the wood used on plantation style shutters are ideal and encourage increased air flow.

Also, the plantation style of shutters in comparison to traditional blinds is completely opposite. While traditional blinds are very plain and bland looking, these shutters offer a very sophisticated, yet simple appearance to the room that they exist in.

Plantation shutters are fast becoming a design favourite for a number of reasons. While their style and beauty is certainly unique to their variety, the large benefit of enhancing air flow and controlling ambient natural light is also a major selling point for many people on the choice of investing in plantation shutters.



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