The History Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a fantastic option for window coverings. They look great, can regulate your house’s temperature and lighting, can control ventilation, can give you privacy and security, and can increase the value of your home. They are also durable and long lasting, easy to clean and energy efficient, and can help to keep your furniture and flooring safe from the sun.

These fixtures have been in use for an extremely long time. In fact, plantation shutters were used in ancient Greece. And to think, they are still popular and in demand today!

Plantation shutters have an interesting backstory. Do you know who first used them, why, how, and where they were developed? How about why they are called plantation shutters?

At Complete Blinds, we think that plantation shutters are awesome options. When we’re passionate about something, we like to learn more about it, and we think you might like to, too. So, here are some interesting facts about the history behind plantation shutters.

Where And When Have Plantation Shutters Been Popular?

This type of window covering dates back to when glass was an expensive commodity and in short supply in ancient Greece. Windows did not have glass like they often do today, but houses and buildings needed a way to alter light and airflow, and provide protection, so shutters were developed.

During that time, they were generally made of marble, rather than the materials we use today, such as wood. This made them strong, fixed, and solid features. They worked well in Greece’s climate. The downside to marble was that it was a difficult material to manage in the making of the shutters, and they were not too easy to use or access for the average homeowner.

Over the years, these shutters travelled past the shores of Greece. Even royalty was attracted to plantation shutters, with King Louis XIV being a particular fan. As they became more popular, people who worked with wood began creating shutter designs, which lead to the shutters becoming more accessible, and the functionality improved.

When glass became a more available item, wealthy households often had glass panels installed at the top of windows to let light in without having to keep the shutters open. This remains a popular design today. Louvres also became an added feature with time, which allows light and airflow to be controlled by changing the angle of the panels. In modern times, glass has become an option for the louvres too.

These shutters soon became features of houses globally. They came to Australia in the nineteenth century, and they were well suited to the houses in the harsh bush environment. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, plantation shutters became particularly popular in America, and that leads us to how they got their name.

Why Are They Called Plantation Shutters?

When people moved from the Mediterranean and Europe to America, this style of shutter began to be used in housing that looked quite different to that of houses in ancient Greece. The shutters became particularly popular in the hot and humid South. These houses, found on the wide-spread plantations of the area, were often large and elegant mansions. The shutters came to be well-known and popular features of plantation houses due to the sophistication and functionality they added.

Plantation Shutters: From Ancient To Modern Times

Today, there are many options for window coverings, ventilation, light control, security, and privacy. However, plantation shutters remain a popular choice. They have clearly smashed the test of time!

Complete Blinds have over ten years of experience with plantation blinds and have provided countless Melbourne residents with advice and high-quality installations. We employ installers rather than sub-contractors so that we can maintain great customer service.

We use what we believe are the best brands of plantation shutters because we want our customers to have premium branded shutters at good prices. They come in many design options with a variety of colours, sizes, and materials to choose from. However, we don’t often offer the marble style of ancient Greece!

Get in touch today so that we can provide you with advice and book in a free in-home measure and quote for plantation shutters that will greatly impact your house.


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