The Top 7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

It’s essential to understand the difference between plantation shutters and other shutters when selecting the right ones for your home. The Australian climate is unique, but it’s vital to choose proper window coverings to protect your home, especially within Melbourne. Not only are plantation shutters naturally insulated to keep your home temperature controlled, but they have many benefits over other window coverings.

Deciding what window coverings to choose can be difficult, so we’ve listed the seven benefits of plantation shutters for your home.

White Timber Plantation Shutters

1. Timeless Design for Your Home

Every home has a unique style that matches its owner. Plantation shutters can match any style to create a timeless and classic design that will never age. You can transform the interior and exterior of your home with these shutters. Trends move quickly, but interior design trends move at high-speed rates. When you choose plantation shutters – you don’t need to worry about updating them every time you change your rooms.


2. Easy Maintenance So You Can Enjoy Them Without Worry

Within any household, dust and dirt can be a hassle to remove. The time taken to remove curtains to wash them or dusting venetian blinds is something of the past when you get plantation shutters. A simple wipe down with a wet cloth once a week is all you need to do to keep on top of your shutter maintenance. No removals or deconstructions are required, giving you more time to relax.


3. Customisable to Your Taste

While white plantation shutters may be the most popular colour, there are other selections or Dulux colours to choose from to ensure they fit your home perfectly. Plantation shutters in Melbourne are very desired among homeowners, as they can be adapted to any home aesthetic and style to integrate into the design. You can also customise the rod tilt, frames and shape of your plantation shutters, so they truly match your home.


4. Add Value to Your Home With Shutters

If you’re looking to add value to your home, consider timber plantation shutters. These shutters cost a bit more than standard shutters, but luxury finishes come at a premium price. The timber used in Complete Blinds timber plantation shutters is specifically grown, meaning they are environmentally conscious and have a lowered carbon footprint. These plantation shutters are also water-resistant, meaning any room with moisture build-ups is perfect for these shutters.


5. Want Peace? Invest in Timber Plantation Shutters

Unlike blinds or curtains, shutters provide a natural sound barrier. The timber used to construct these shutters shield external noise and movements. As well as sound control, plantation shutters offer complete control over the privacy of your home. Whether you’re in the CBD or the heart of the suburbia in Melbourne, these shutters provide a place to kick back and relax without hearing the buzzing noise outside.


6. High-Quality Means Long-Lasting

The higher quality of timber plantation shutters means you enjoy increased insulation. In the winter months, the home can maintain all the heat you require, and in summer, it keeps the cool air inside so you can be comfortable in your space. The quality guarantees that the shutters are solid and lightweight – meaning they last a long time without sagging or deforming over the years.


7. Full Control Over Lighting

When designing your space, think about the type of lighting you want. When looking at how we can use natural lighting in our homes, plantation shutters control how much light can flood in. Once you have the power to regulate your light, you’ll be able to use less artificial lighting, saving you a couple of bucks each month on that power bill.


Choose Quality and Seamless Design for Your Home

Timber Plantation blinds are the perfect window covering to provide control of your home environment. At Complete Blinds, we provide high-quality plantation shutters for our Melbourne clients. We offer up to 14 paint options and 15 stain finishes or a Dulux colour match to create a fully customised product perfect for your home.

Book a free in-home measure quote with us at Complete Blinds today to take control of your home’s atmosphere.



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