Top 10 Things To Know Before Buying A Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutters are a popular type of window furnishing that consist of wide wooden slats that are contained in their own frame, which is then drilled in the windowsill or doorframe. You can move these slats, known as louvers, so that they sit at any desired angle from completely open to completely closed.

Plantation shutters can assist with warming a house, improving airflow, controlling light, reducing noise, creating privacy, and increasing safety. These attractive shutters, available in various materials and colours, can be perfect for creating a stylish, welcoming, and comfortable home. Before choosing and installing plantation shutters, there are several things to understand to ensure they are the right type of window furnishing for the house and they are constructed correctly for the particular window or door.

At Complete Blinds, we offer top of the range plantation shutters, and have had years of experience installing them into Melbourne homes. This article contains ten things to know before buying and installing timber plantation shutters. We are keen to discuss with you your specific needs and preferences, so call Complete Blinds for advice and professional installation of your plantation shutters.

Top 10 Things To Know Before Buying A Plantation Shutter

1. The Size Of The Louver

There are many options when it comes to plantation shutters, and this impacts the overall look of the space they are installed into. This can range from creating a contemporary vibe to a more tradition feel. The size of the window or door also impacts the choice of louver size. The larger the window, the larger the louver that is generally installed. Complete Blinds can assist you in choosing the right louver size to suit your needs and aesthetic intentions.

2. Qualified Installers Are Essential

Timber plantation shutters must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, otherwise the quality, longevity, and warranty may be affected. The shutter frames must be installed cleanly and precisely, otherwise issues can arise, such as pinched hinges, warped panels, and cracks. Complete Blinds’ installers are qualified and experienced in installing plantation shutters and will produce high-quality results.

3. Personal Touches Add Pizzazz

Shutter upgrades can make a big difference when it comes to the look and effect of these shutters. These are generally inexpensive, and include a range of options such as locks, hidden hingers and shutter pulls. These can add improve style, safety and overall functionality.

4. Materials Make A Difference

Timber is the most frequently used material when it comes to the construction of plantation shutters, but it depends on where the shutters are to be installed. Consideration must be given to the degree of moisture, sun exposure, and humidity that shutters will be faced with. Complete Blinds can assess your situation and advise the best way to go.

5. Adding A Motor

Motorised plantation shutters can take functionality to a whole new level. Advances in technology mean that these are becoming even more efficient, cost effective and reliable. The advantage of adding a motor is that you can program a set time of day for the louvers to tilt, open, or close. This extra convenience allows you to protect your rooms from the sun through the day, anticipate the temperature and incorporate that to when you would like them open or closed, and can even ease you into the day as you wake.

6. Easy Maintenance

Timber plantation shutters are easy to keep clean of dust and debris with just a simple dry feather duster, cloth or vacuum brush.

7. Add Value To A Home

Investing in quality plantation shutters has a significant impact on the value of your home, both in style and future sales. These attractive furnishings create the look of a well-kept home, and are an eye-catching addition to the house.

8. The Impact Of Cost

The quality of the plantation shutters you chose impacts their longevity, functionality, and look. Complete Blinds stocks only the best shutters, so when you invest in our cost-effective shutters, you know that you can rely on their high-quality.

9. Quality Matters

It is important the plantation shutters that are installed into your home are made by trustworthy sources. Choosing high-quality shutters involves assessing the type of joinery used, the wood curing and treatment process that has been used, and the paint and finishing on the wood. This will ensure better consistency, durability, heat, and sun resistance, and decrease the chances of chips, cracks and stains.

10. Differing Tilts

There are two systems when it comes to the tilt of the louvers in plantation shutters. These include using hidden tilt rods, which is the conventional method involving a thin steel connector on the outside of the shutters that is attached by a small screw into each louver. The other is the invisible tilt, which is an innovative method that hides all rods and uses an internal gear to move the louvers. These are reliable and create an updated, contemporary vibe.


Understand Plantation Shutters Before Installation

Knowing what is involved in the design, production and installation of plantation shutters means that you can choose the correct plantation shutters for your needs and wants. These attractive window and door furnishings can significantly improve your home, so it is important to install shutters that will last the test of time.

The team at Complete Blinds are experienced in installing fantastic planation shutters, and are keen to discuss and assess your situation and provide professional and high-quality installation. Give us a call or come into our showroom and we will be happy to help you.



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