Venetian Blind: A Functional and Attractive Window Treatment

When people think of window treatments, their minds usually go immediately to flowing curtains and draping fabrics framing a large window. Some people will also think of a pull down shade, or Holland blind, to block light or for privacy, while others may envision a sheer fabric drawn over a window. However, a venetian blind is the perfect way to block out the sun, create privacy, enhance a window, and beautify any room.

A venetian blind is made up of long, thin slats that lay horizontally and are attached to each other by a thin cord. Most venetian blinds come with a wand that is twisted to move the slats down to completely block the window, or they can lay flat to let the most light in. A cord is pulled to raise the entire venetian blind up and out of sight, or lower it back down again.

Control Light With Venetian Blinds

The greatest benefit to having venetian blinds in your home is that you have control over the amount of light that enters the room. This can be done by simply by twisting the wand to open or close the blinds, unlike curtains and shades that completely block a window or not. In the hot summer months, close the blinds to keep out the hot sun and keep the room cooler. In cold months, open the blinds to let the sun warm up your room.

Control Privacy With Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindThe second greatest benefit to having a venetian blind on your window is that you can control your privacy. With a venetian blind, you can adjust the slat openings to regulate the ability for people to see into your home. The larger the openings, the easier it will be for people outside to see into your room.

Venetian Blind Options

There are many ways to use venetian blinds to customize your decor. Venetian blinds are made in an extensive variety of colors and materials, including naturally beautiful premium grade timbers to practical and modern composites. The subtle grain of timbers can be enhanced with paint colors and stain. Composites not only provide a contemporary color range, but they are functional, durable, and don’t take much to maintain. A venetian blind offers a much more versatile option than putting up heavy curtains.



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