What are the Best Blinds for Sliding Doors?

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelmingly hard to find the right furnishing match for your living space. Choosing the best blinds can be made even harder with the restrictions of sliding and bifold doors. When it comes to putting the finishing touches on a room, functionality should be just as important as aesthetics.

To make your choice a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best blinds for sliding and bifold doors. Get in touch with us at Complete Blinds for the best blinds in Melbourne.

The Right Blinds for Your Space


The ‘best’ blinds will look different for every home depending on the space and your preferences. There’s a lot to consider, including lighting considerations and whether the door is in a high traffic area. Are you frequently accessing the door or do you prefer a different entry and exit point? Do the doors windows heat up the house too much in summer? Is there a beautiful view you don’t want to block out?

All of these questions should play a part in your choice of blinds, and could determine what style is best suited to your space. Luckily, contemporary blinds offer versatile choices for bifold and sliding doors. Within this, there are two key types of blinds when considering lighting choices; block out and light filter. Block-out offer privacy and significant light control for quiet spaces, whereas light filter blinds can provide ambient light and daytime privacy.


Types of Blinds for Sliding Doors


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blind tracks can achieve large widths of space, which is ideal coverage for blinds on sliding doors. They’re super easy to tilt open and let the light in and have the advantage of easily stacking back for swift door access.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a popular choice on sliding doors, as they can be linked to achieve a greater door span. This means they can be independently controlled for more convenience in your door set-up, making them great for high-traffic areas. When linked, they’ll also feature less of a gap for more aesthetic appeal.


Roman Shades/Blinds

These blinds will give a softer look to your room and are ideal for low-traffic areas as they require you to lift the blind all the way up for door access. They usually span about 2500mm and should be placed high enough to clear the height of the door opening.


Curtains And Sheers

Curtains are great for insulating the home and can provide a more luxurious look when used effectively. They’re quite flexible in size range, providing you have a long enough track to suspend them from. Likewise, sheer curtains can soften a room and offer a combination of natural light and privacy.


Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds on sliding doors may be best to split into separate panels, keeping one up if needed for high traffic areas. These are often custom made and versatile for controlling light or offering privacy.


Plantation Shutters

Sliding plantation shutters can take up more space than other blinds when they have several panels. Width is made easy with these shutters, although we wouldn’t recommend them for high traffic areas as they require a bit more caution.


Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide blinds are quite effortless in movement, as they’re made up of large panels which swiftly slide along their track. These can also be made to substantial widths, and can achieve a neat appearance.



Verishade blinds are a hybrid of a curtain and a vertical. Each drape is covered in a sheer curtain-like fabric, with the additional option to be motorised. This offers the versatility of a vertical, where you can slide or tilt it one way or the other to control light levels.


Find the Perfect Blinds for Your Sliding Doors


Now that we’ve narrowed down the best options for sliding and bifold doors, you can find the perfect fit for your space. Put those finishing touches on that room, with your match for functionality and aesthetics.

At Complete Blinds, we offer unique furnishings designed to complement your doors and windows best. Get in touch with us for personalised, expert advice on your space.

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