Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Internal shutters, or plantation shutters, offer home-owners an excellent way to introduce a sense of style and fashion to any room. Clean lines and low maintenance are the most notable features with these window coverings. However, there are multiple other benefits they can provide at the same time.

Plantation Shutters Maximise Space

The neat lines of these types of blinds can be ideal for maximising space in a room. Trying to install heavy drapes or curtains in a small room can make a room feel closed. You may also find it’s difficult to place some furnishings directly against curtains, as it can inhibit their movement and make it difficult to access them.

Yet plantation shutters are usually installed flush against the window recess. This allows you more accessible space within a room. The vertical lines of these types of blinds also lends a perception of width, which can trick the eye into thinking narrow windows are slightly larger.

Plantation Shutters for More Natural Light

Plantation ShuttersMost plantation shutters can be made to allow as much or as little natural light into a room as you want. Tilt the shutter slats up to allow some light in, or open the shutters completely to let sunlight flood into the area and brighten any home.

Internal shutters can be made in hinged, bi-fold or sliding options to allow you to control the level of natural sunlight you want to allow in your room. They’re also ideal for closing off sliding doors, or retracting them completely out of the way when you’re entertaining guests.

Create a Feature or Blend

Depending on your style and taste, you can choose your colour and finish for your plantation shutters to become a feature, or to blend in with the surrounding decor. It’s possible to choose from a vast range of painted colours that could match in with the decor of your walls and window frames, or you can create a stunning feature effect with the stained finishes available on natural hardwood or cedar blinds.

Add to these features the low maintenance aspect of plantation shutters and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular with homeowners everywhere.



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