Planning Your Plantation Shutters

When it comes to picking plantation shutters there are plenty of options to consider, and with our advice plenty of easy answers (with 25 years of experience dealing with Melbourne plantation shutters, we know “a thing” or two).

Plantation Location, Location

The first thing you need to consider when picking plantation shutters is the location; are plantation shutters suited for your window? Most likely. Plantation shutters are surprisingly versatile, and can be installed in most windows. What you may need to consider though is whether they will need to be mounted inside the frame or outside, and what frame (if any)  can be installed.

The frame will depend on whether or not there are any obstacle that would affect the operation of the plantation shutters such as window handles, door handles, kitchen benches etc.

For example If your Plantation Shutter is fitted inside the reveal and there is a window winder, you would need a 3 Sided Frame – without a bottom.

No frame may also be required if  there is a flyscreen as once fitted, as fly screens can be difficult to remove.

For a better idea on how to measure your window to fit interior plantation shutters, you can read our guide How To Measure Plantation Shutters.

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Suitable Shutters

After measuring your windows and ensuring a comfortable fit for your new, custom plantation shutters, the next step is to pick the type of shutter.

Plantation Shutters are available in three different types:

Hopefully this has helped you with deciding your choice of exterior or interior plantation shutters, if not tell us how we can help give you a Complete Blinds experience by commenting below.


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