Roller Blinds: Lasting Beauty


Roller Blinds have been rolling with the times longer than you may think. These privacy controlling, spring rolling, light forestalling, window defenders have a history longer than my rhymes (and with much greater quality).

Roller Blinds, or Holland Roller Blinds, as you may know them first originated in the early 1700’s. They were made from Holland linen, the durable fabric was bleached, dyed, starched, dried, and then pounded, in a lengthy process that lasted ten days, nine nights, and eight tea breaks.

In America, circa 1780, window shades were being made from translucent cloth or paper and to many a parents disbelief it was okay to draw on them. These shades were beautifully decorated with romantic and imaginative landscapes, garden foliage and stencilled borders.

The first roller blinds lacked the same convenience of modern roller blinds, lacking a spring mechanism, they like my lacking thesaurus were left on the window ledge. To open the blind, you had to pull on a cord which was attached to a top rod. To secure the open blind, you wound the cord around a cleat, similar to a Venetian Blinds. The spring mechanism was not invented until the 1800’s, making Roller Blinds the first cordless blind.

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